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Custom Built PC's

Why is a Custom Built System Right for YOU?

What is a Custom Built PC?

It is a PC that you can choose better Quality Components, such as the Motherboard and Power Supply.

Better Quality Parts = Better Quality PC

Do you need help with the selection Process? We can help guide you in order to select the BEST quality components that fit your Budget.

Have you already been researching the system of your DREAMS? We can help you to get the process started, and get your system build ordered, assembled and tested properly, Making YOUR VISION a REALITY!

Are you considering building your own PC?

Is this your first build? Is this your first High-end Build?

STOP!!! Don't risk it!
Trust assembly of your High-end PC to the professionals! A+ Certified Technican will assemble and test your

You didn't cut corners on the selection of your Dream Machine's high end components, so make sure your investment is assembled correctly the first time.

A top quality rig requires special knowledge, SSD Bios settings, enabling TRIM support, Memory Speed configurations, RAID Striping for speed, and mirroring for redundancy, originization of all the internal wiring for form and function, water cooling & upgraded air cooling assembly and installation are all options essential for proper operation and aesthetics of your machine, that can be troublesome to assemble and install.

Our A+ Certified Technicans Will handle all of the complicated configuration and let you focus on making your PERFECT PC! After assembly we will vigerously test the system using a process we call burn in testing. Where we simulate literally weeks of work to ensure your system in running perfectly before being packaged and shipped to YOU. We also create a custom system image to provide a perfectly running machine for years to come.

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